My message to anyone dreaming about travelling this beautiful country of ours, whether it’s for a few weeks or months or even a year or more, don’t be afraid, just go for it! Travelling within Australia is one of the safest trips you’ll ever take.

For us embarking on the “Big Lap” meant selling our home and leaving everyone and everything thing behind. It can be daunting at first; particularly as a single parent but it doesn’t take long before you feel at home. As you travel you make new friends that become like family – you’re travelling family, you usually have heaps in common, everyone is pretty relaxed and loving life and unlike your real family, if you don’t meld well you move on, nothing lost, nothing gained. ☺

One of my most empowering moments came very early on in our trip; we had reached the Nullarbor Roadhouse, so many people warn you about the dangers, it’s so remote “if something happens you could be stuck for days” or this beauty “boring – nothing to see” but few tell you how spectacularly beautiful it is. I wonder if it’s because the majority of these wise people with so much to “warn” you about have never actually ventured across the Nullarbor?

When we arrived here I felt so proud of myself for getting us to this point, for taking the steps to change my life, our lives and bring my dreams to reality, I felt empowered. We were officially in the middle of nowhere ☺ and loving it!

So many people think about doing this but never take to leap, I understand most people aren’t as crazy as me and don’t sell their house, buy a motorhome and take off but I wish I could tell everyone dreaming about travelling to go for it. I think it’s why I love Camplify so much; is the perfect opportunity to give it a go! I hope by reading my blogs you can turn your dreams into reality; you can always start by hiring MotorhomeMama.